Coaching for Awareness and Acceptance is not enough

When it comes to executive coaching, there's more to it than just understanding and accepting the need for change. Let's say you want to become a better leader. In coaching, you might learn about the areas where you could improve and why it's important for your effectiveness as a leader.

But here's the thing: simply knowing what needs to change isn't enough. Often, it results in a long list of good intentions that never actually turn into action.

Action and Acknowledgement is key


That's where the Stakeholder Centred Coaching approach, comes in. We believe that for leadership change to truly happen, it needs to go beyond just your office and involve the people you work with. These people, whom we call stakeholders, can offer valuable insights and suggestions for improving your behaviour and becoming more productive in your role as a leader.

Our coaching process focuses on taking action and following through to make lasting change. We help you develop effective leadership behaviours and habits that will stick with you. But here's the crucial part: for this growth to have real value, it needs to be recognised and acknowledged by the people you work with. After all, how others perceive your leadership is what truly matters.

So, in a nutshell, our coaching approach is all about taking action, involving your stakeholders, and ensuring that the changes you make are noticed and appreciated in the workplace.

It's not just about understanding and accepting the need for change -

it's about making it happen and being recognised for it.


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