Coaching for Awareness and Acceptance is not enough

Executive coaching, in general, focuses on assessing leadership effectiveness and then action planning. The result of this is a strong emphasis on awareness and acceptance. The leader intellectually understands where leadership change would be desirable and how leadership change would lead to higher effectiveness.

Although this step is critical at the start of the coaching process, it often results in a long list of good action intentions that may never get implemented.

Action and Acknowledgement is key

At aNewPathNow, we use Marshall Goldsmith' Stakeholder Centered Coaching process. It takes the leadership change process outside the leader's office and into their work environment with the stakeholders. Stakeholders can provide valuable and insightful suggestions for behavioural change that would help a leader to become more productive on the job.

The Stakeholder Centered Executive Coaching process includes a strong emphasis on action implementation and follow-through to make change stick; creating more effective leadership behaviours and habits. Undoubtedly, sustained leadership growth has only real value when the stakeholders in the workplace recognise and acknowledge the change implemented. Perception is reality.

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