360 Leadership Assessments

The 360-assessment is used for leadership development, succession planning and talent management to assure that leaders succeed in international roles.

Fortune 100 CEOs, global thought leaders and international business executives were involved in designing the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360).

GLA360 measures the skills and competencies that today’s global leaders need to master. It also shows emerging leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed as effective leaders in a globalizing and competitive business environment.

Organisations use the GLA360 Assessment for leaders who:

  • Have the potential and ambition to grow their global leadership skills
  • Lead international functional or project teams
  • Are country managers
  • Lead an internationalising business
  • Manage diverse teams and need to collaborate cross-functionally


GLA360 measures leadership effectiveness in a globalising business environment. The assessment describes 15 competencies, grouped in 5 clusters, that effective leaders in a globalising business need to develop and master.


  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Encouraging constructive dialogue
  • Creating a shared vision

Assure Success

  • Developing technological savvy
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage

Engaging People

  • Developing people
  • Building partnerships
  • Sharing leadership

Continuous Change

  • Achieving personal mastery
  • Anticipating opportunities
  • Leading change

Boundary-less Inclusion

  • Empowering people
  • Thinking globally
  • Appreciating diversity


The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) was co-created by Marshall Goldsmith.

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