Team Building & Team Coaching

Good teamwork is vital to the success of an organisation. Developing and growing your team is therefore an essential activity of a leader.

TEAM coaching programs have proven to be highly effective and resource-efficient. These programs support leaders with their leadership growth while also improving team effectiveness. Thus TEAM engagements create measurable leadership growth for the leader as well as for the team.

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A TEAM program example:

  • Two days TEAM workshop to initiate the coaching and leadership growth process
  • Monthly TEAM Coaching and Monthly Action Planning sessions (2-3 hours per session). These sessions include time for focused skill development relating to the leadership growth areas. During the coaching engagement, the coach works with every team member individually or with the whole team. This depends on the coaching program selected.
  • Quarterly Leadership Growth Progress Reviews.

The various TEAM programs are based on the same highly effective process as the 1on1 coaching engagements and have been adapted to fit a team environment and related team objectives.

Employees participating in Team Building exercise.

Advantages of TEAM coaching:

  • Changing leaders and teams at the same time

The team as a whole articulates one leadership growth area. Also, each team member defines their specific leadership growth area, which relates to the team focus. The outcome is an interdependent team with a shared focus on producing results for the individual effectiveness and simultaneously for the team's productivity.

  • Insider expertise

Team members should be in a position to provide expert advice and an insider view on their business, the people, and the team culture challenges. They become de facto coaches.

  • Openness to continuous change

When team members collaborate as stakeholders in the coaching programs, it creates an open culture for leadership and team culture change. Furthermore, team members feel comfortable to use feedback and feedforward around the organisation to drive change for themselves and their teams.

  • Coaching is a leadership skill

Many organisations use coaching as an 'executive intervention' or to 'fix a problem'. This is a suboptimal approach to coaching. Coaching is a leadership skill, and leaders in organisations should be able to help their teams develop and grow. We expect effective leaders to be highly skilled in e.g. communication, decision making and empowerment. In the same way, leaders should be highly skilled in coaching others. The TEAM program can be a great way to instil coaching as a leadership skill in the organisation.

  • Resource-efficient

With the TEAM program, one executive coach works with all team members, and they support each other in the process. The whole coaching program is therefore a very time efficient and reduces coaching fees per team member.


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